Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Note 12 - Equity

Note 12 - Equity
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2019
Notes to Financial Statements  
Stockholders' Equity Note Disclosure [Text Block]
March 22, 2019,
the Company entered into the Stock Purchase Agreement with the Investor, pursuant to which the Company will issue to the Investor in a Private Placement up to
million in shares of the Company’s Common Stock. The Private Placement will occur in multiple tranches. The initial closing occurred on
March 22, 2019 (
the “Initial Closing”), at which the Investor purchased
worth of the Securities at a per share price of
which was the closing price of a share of Common Stock reported on the NYSE American market for the business day immediately before the Initial Closing Date. The remainder of the Securities will be purchased by the Investor from time to time, on such date or dates to be determined by the Company and the Investor, which date will
be later than
June 15, 2019 (
each, a “Subsequent Closing”, with each of the Initial Closing and any Subsequent Closing being a “Closing”), such amount of Securities agreed upon by the Company and the Investor, at a per share price to be determined in good faith by the Company and the Investor which price
be less than the greater of book or market value of
share of Common Stock within the meaning of the NYSE American standards; provided, that the total amount of Securities sold at any Subsequent Closing shall
exceed (i) 
million worth of the Securities less the aggregate purchase price paid by the Investor to the Company for any Securities purchased at any prior Closing, (ii) the number of shares that
be issued without violating the rules and regulations of the NYSE American, and (iii) the amount of shares that would result in the beneficial ownership in the Company by the Investor and his affiliates being equal to or less than
of the then issued and outstanding shares of Common Stock. The Company plans to use the proceeds from the Private Placement for general working capital purposes, including, without limitation, research and development, and other operating expenses. See Note
During the
-month periods ended
March 31, 2018,
we issued
shares of our common stock valued at
to our employees as partial payment in lieu of cash for their
During the
-month period ended
March 31, 2018,
we issued
shares of our common stock as matching contributions to our
(k) Plan which were valued at