Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2014
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Subsequent Events
Subsequent Events

Platinum Credit Facility: Between January 1, 2015 and the filing date of this document, we drew a total of $3.0 million under the Platinum credit facility.

Sublicense Agreement: In March 2015, we announced that we had entered into an exclusive sublicense agreement for the commercialization and distribution of Lymphoseek 250 microgram kit for radiopharmaceutical preparation (tilmanocept) in the European Union with SpePharm AG (an affiliate of Norgine BV), a European specialist pharmaceutical company with an extensive pan-European presence. Under the terms of the exclusive license agreement, Navidea will supply Lymphoseek product to Norgine; however, Navidea will transfer responsibility for regulatory maintenance of the Lymphoseek Marketing Authorization to Norgine. Norgine will also be responsible for pricing, reimbursement, sales, marketing, medical affairs, and regulatory activities. In connection with entering into the agreement, Navidea is entitled to an upfront payment of $2 million, milestones totaling up to an additional $5 million, and royalties on European net sales. The initial territory covered by the agreement includes all 28 member states of the European Economic Community with the option to expand into additional geographical areas.

Macrophage Therapeutics, Inc.: In March 2015, Macrophage Therapeutics, Inc. (MT) entered into an agreement to sell up to 50 shares of its Series A Convertible Preferred Stock (MT Preferred Stock) and warrants to purchase up to 1,500 common shares of Macrophage Therapeutics (MT Common Stock) to Platinum-Montaur Life Sciences, LLC (Platinum) and Dr. Michael Goldberg for a purchase price of $50,000 per share of MT Preferred Stock. On March 13, 2015, we announced that definitive agreements with the investors had been signed for the sale of the first tranche of 10 shares of MT Preferred Stock and warrants to purchase 300 shares of MT Common Stock to these investors, with gross proceeds to Macrophage Therapeutics of $500,000. Under the agreement, 40% of the MT Preferred Stock and warrants are committed to be purchased by Dr. Goldberg, and the balance by Platinum. The full 50 shares of MT Preferred Stock and warrants to be sold under the agreement are convertible into and exercisable for MT Common Stock representing an aggregate 1% interest on a fully converted and exercised basis.

In addition, we entered into an Exchange Agreement with the investors providing them an option to exchange their MT Preferred Stock for our common stock in the event that MT has not completed a public offering with gross proceeds to MT of at least $50 million by the second anniversary of the closing of the initial sale of MT Preferred Stock, at an exchange rate per share obtained by dividing $50,000 by the greater of (i) 80% of the twenty-day volume weighted average price per share of our common stock on the second anniversary of the initial closing or (ii) $3.00. To the extent that the investors do not timely exercise their exchange right, we have the right to redeem their MT Preferred Stock for a price equal to $58,320 per share. We also granted MT an exclusive license for certain therapeutic applications of the Manocept technology.

Oxford Finance, LLC: Also in March 2015, in connection with the organization and initial financing of Macrophage Therapeutics, Inc., we entered into an amendment to the Oxford Loan Agreement that amended certain covenants to permit these actions and to consent to the grant of a license to Macrophage Therapeutics, Inc. for certain therapeutic applications of the Manocept technology, and Macrophage Therapeutics, Inc. became a co-obligor on the Oxford Notes.

Reduction in Force: On March 12, 2015, the Company initiated a reduction in force that will include seven staff members and three executives. The three executives will continue as employees during transition periods of varying lengths, depending upon the nature and extent of responsibilities to be transitioned or wound down. As of the filing date of this document, the specific terms of the executive transition and separation were still being determined, and therefore the impact to our first quarter 2015 financial statements is not yet known. We expect the financial impact to be material, but anticipate that the initial cost will be offset with savings in compensation expense in the longer term.